Clothes for Bryan

I commissioned Rajendora (SewingBoxDesigns, on the sidebar) to make me a couple of yukata to help with the lack of clothes around here, and they came yesterday! They are gorgeous! I hadn't specifically wanted one for Bryan, but it turns out that the Dragon Doll "uncle" size is a pretty good fit for him. The craftsmanship is superb--the yukata have shoulder reinforcements and the inner seams are French seamed so they won't ravel:

I also ordered a SID outfit from Iplehouse to fill out the wig order and make it worth the shipping. It was the Vintage Man's T shirt and the Brain Pants (I think that is what they are called :D) That is this set:

Note lack of shoes. The shirt has a big enough neck opening that it was easy to get over his face, though the fabric could be a little stretchier--it was a struggle to get his arms into the sleeves. The pants are great--they fit well and he can sit in them with some dignity:

As soon as I get the Merman's head on his body (a Loongsoul Ken head on a temp Angelheim body) I will take photos of the other yukata that Raj sent!


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