Obsidius in Brown Tan

Soom suddenly looked at the calendar and realized that they needed to put up some kind of Super Gem sized thing, so they rummaged around and dragged up Obsidius (formerly cast in Epic Pink) and recast him in a much more pleasing Brown Tan. It's kind of a shame that they didn't spend more time cooking up new accessories and a story line for him, because he is absolutely gorgeous-- but according to the ad copy he's apparently just some random Fallen Angel with beast paws. The wings and boots are nice, and available as an extra charge. There are also some new eyes called Antique Gold that I love, but I can't see doing a split for just some eyes. :D And now I must complain..I really hate whatever Instagram filter they are using on the photos, because it looks like they took a magazine and put it on a scanner, which gives you the same washed-out look with the edge shadows. It looks cheap and loses the nice details of the sculpt. They need to go steal Souldoll's photographer, or at least their photoshopper. I'm going to go see if xtal will loan me a photo of her Obsidius, so you can really see how smexy this guy is.