Soom Dia Tawny Boy

Since I went and ordered a cream white girl Dia, suddenly Soom remembered that people like this mold, and set up a release of a Tawny Dia Boy. I would have liked a Tawny Dia Girl, and it's possible some requesting on the Q and A board at Soom would get you this; though it's not clear if a "possible girl" would be on the new body or the old body. Since Dia is a huge head I think the old body is more flattering for her, or the male body, which looks awesome. Here is a link to an example:

This guy on Meanae's Deviant Art This is the new body, which is what the After School Dia will ship on--see the magnetic wrists? While I am not fond of how that body is strung, I do love how it looks!

And here is my favorite boy Dia:

Haru belongs to Sicktress and he is a hand-sprayed hybrid with a mirodoll body and a lot of custom painting/ tatts on top of the spray. He is gorgeous:

Haru is the doll I painted a "fan jewel"'s too bad it's just pixels :(