Prince Charming at Soom

Ok, I don't remember the part in Cinderella where Charming accidentally got horse hooves, but since perfect princes are like unicorns, maybe it all works. The hooves have really nice details on them in any case, and you can order him in Bronze, and you can order on the side a rather nice Colt-style revolver. (In this form, he'd be a fun side character on Supernatural.) :D In any case, if you don't feel the need to stock up on hay, you can order him as a regular human for less money here. Both versions have cute heads and lovely fullset clothes.


  1. Hahhaa, that whole concept made me giggle a bit! But as most Soom sculpts, he is handsome~!

    1. I think he would make a super cowboy! No horse needed--just a hat and some appropriate clothes. :D


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