Teodor With Clothes

K and I spent most of the day looking at Halloween stuff, first at Target, and then around Five Below, and we also went to another used bookstore where I managed to find more of the series I am trying to fill out to give to J for Christmas. We also bought candy corn. Since it seemed like the time to do it, when we got home from shopping I spent some time making a skull bead belt for Teodor the Necromancer, getting shoes on him, and posing him with the new staff that Sicktress made for him. He has a tremendous number of props but no walls or shelves to display them on, so that is the next thing I need to make for him so he can have cool spooky photos.


  1. He looks amazing! Love the staff, and the 'amulette band'. It reminds me of the tibetan monks a bit, but it's not 'cultural appropriation' that everyone is screaming about lately. He looks like a good guy to go to for the job, too.

    1. It's kind of accidental since everyone here has the "I'm new" kimonos until they can have more elaborate clothes, but I dearly love how the texture of this one came out and how it drapes on him--he will eventually have an embroidered tunic and pants to go with it. Thank you again!!

    2. OH, thank you! And I can't wait to see him fully dressed! ^_^


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