Leave the Snakes Alone

Once again Stripey has found a snake, and brought it in to play with it. I keep telling her they are no fun, they don't race around like the chipmunks do, and they don't like being picked up. Snakes are also hard for me to get out again, because I don't like to use the gloves or the tongs on them, especially if they have been squeezed already, so I usually end up using big pieces of cardboard to slip under them or nudge them away from the cat,or to put them in a large box, so I can carry them out to the woodpile. Then they can scoot away from the cat. Only Stripey thinks all this is a fun activity.

Stripey also likes to bring me snakes when I am in the middle of a complicated phone call. (K had her wallet stolen and is trying to get all the pieces of official paperwork replaced.)