Today it was a mall day, where we cruised a bit of the renovated (and now very slick looking) Yorktown Mall. K got some clothes and I got a bedspread, a Sublime t-shirt, and a set of "fauxples" from forever21 for the amazing price of 12.99, not even on sale. And then, because I can never get anyone here willing to go (the Lebanese place, the great mall cheap sushi, or the Brazilian restaurant always wins) we went to the Capitol Grille for lunch. It's reasonably priced for two people for lunch; they are set up to cater to people who are doing working lunches (the server asks you if you are on a time schedule) and the food has always been good in the other CG restaurants that I have been to. This one was also excellent, had very attentive service... and The World's Best Coconut Pie. I am not even kidding--it had fresh-made whipped cream on it. Had I known how good it was going to be I would have just gotten an entree salad and that pie. They make it there so I can't promise your local CG will have it, but it can't hurt to look and see if it's on the menu. Of course then we were kind of useless the rest of the day, like anacondas full of capybaras, but it was so worth it.


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