Wing progress and Halloween Ropuha

It turns out that my sketch was larger than the wing (since I traced around it) so I ended up doing it slightly differently. I'm going to have the sock problem, I know, where one wing gets done and the other one is a drag.

K took more pictures of her Mr. Ropuha in a holiday mood for her tumblr, silverchain

Mr. Ropuha has also been helping himself to candy:


  1. Do the other wing! I want to seeee it!

    I will nag you! (but you have to repay the favor later and nag me!)


    1. LOL Thank you! Got more done on it today and hopefully done by this evening, at least the complex part. The back will be just a smoky black with some silver accents. Still haven't tried them on that body yet (I am afraid) :o


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