Iplehouse Scarlet, Renewed

Iplehouse took the unusual step of altering Scarlet's sculpt after she was presented the first time; I think they wanted to respond to grumbles that "she wasn't feminine enough." I thought she was gorgeous as she was originally released, and I personally think it's a mistake to second-guess an artist's work after the fact. I might have offered her as a special limited or something (like an edition of 20 or so) and then put out the updated version as a new character. On the other hand, I love how this new sculpt changes expression as you rotate it or have it in different lighting--she can go from plotting to smiling to looking steely and determined, just by shifting your angle of view. She also has a gorgeous profile, sometimes rare in doll sculpts:

Go check out her whole photoset--it's gorgeous just as photography and well worth a visit. The EID body is also one I like a lot--it's not super heavy and it poses quite well for something large--she sits and stands well without support.