Breakfast of Champions

Candy Corn and tea for K, it looks like (I think she had cereal earlier). Today we did a lot of boring chores, including getting the car inspected. Getting there was hard--the Department of Transportation suddenly decided to start ripping up huge sections of road in Chicagoland, ignoring the fact that it will get cold in earnest in about a month, and the ground will freeze. Once we finally did get to the inspection station we literally just drove in, I got out of the car, there was some vague waving about of wires and a brief moment of squinting at a computer screen, and then "Justin" handed me a piece of paper and told me I could move my car and not come back until next year. No paperwork was produced by me, either. So after this we went to Starbucks, where K got me a Pumpkin Spice Latte, then we went off to lunch at the Lebanese place, and then down to Target. Then the bank, to persuade the bank to honor an embarassingly old check (which they did). Then off we went with the coins that I emptied out of the catnip jar, and we visited the Bolingbrook mall for some clothes and nail polish. Then we went the grocery store, and then finally back home. The grocery store has Pumpkin Spice everything, including marshmallows.