Soom Fairy Jinn

Soom has come out with another one of these little guys. He's small, so not on my buy list (and I am paying off other things right now), but I have seen these little guys in person and they are gorgeous. Here's his feet:

He's got a cute steampunk outfit, a perky personality, and is slightly less expensive than some previous releases--here's his price with some of the options clicked (I skipped the wig because the wigs can sometimes be stiff and you can get good wigs other places in that size)

Here's his sales page. He runs from October 28th to November 11th, Korean Time.

A note about ordering--don't try to do anything complicated when you order, and don't try to add stuff or combine orders--Victoria, the former multilingual, multi-talented service manager, has left soom; and her replacement Haylie seems to be struggling a bit. I've heard that if you go over to the Euro board/webpage and use the Q and A there that "Laetitia" is more fluent in English, but it seems like a good idea to keep orders as simple as possible for the moment. Of course right now I am waiting for two gnarly mixed orders that I placed right about the time Victoria left so I have no idea what will happen, but I have also learned that if you just wait long enough, something eventually shows up. I think the Heliots were a 6 month wait, if I recall correctly.