More Nephelin Wings

Got the other side done, now working on the backs--the right hand wing is more "done" in the photo below:

Still a lot of cleanup needed on the more finished one. Here the backs are as of Sunday, Nov 2.

Stripey is not sure at all about this Halloween thing:

I'm not sure we'll get anyone--it's cold and gusty, enough to get a wind Chicago. Here is what it looked like at 7 AM:


  1. All that detail! You must have nerves of steel.

    My cat is going nuts tonight, probably all the noise in the air is making him skittery.

    I love how your garden self decorated for the season.

    1. I was amazed to see snow..I know the kids would have come out for just snow, but there were gusts up to 65 mph and I think everyone decided to stay home and eat their own candy. :D


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