So it Snowed Yesterday

OK, it was just in the morning, and it didn't stick, but by the time I went to go visit Akutenshi7 the weather had warmed up to only 41 degrees F, so I am glad we moved all the palm trees inside, where they are taking up a lot of the living and dining room (there is another palm you can't see to the right of the photo). Originally we had planned to go to the Kane County Flea market, but mostly because I hadn't yet eaten enough cookie dough to be winterized and immune to the cold, we went instead to a bookstore that had central heat. I did some Christmas shopping too.

I'm liking my new camera--it takes nice macro pictures when I remember to set it correctly. Here are a couple of backyard toadstools:

I haven't quite figured out how to set the depth of field--this photo of Ereshkigal is two photos put together, as I managed to get the calender in back in focus on one, and then the doll in the second one.

And now I have to tidy up a bit as K will be here any second!