Soom's Kitty Girl

She's the "March" MD (!) and is quite adorable, though I am a little suspicious of the posing ability of the feet, since Epidia's feet were such a fail for me. But she has a cute little face and I love the ears and paws! You can also get her as just a human, for much less money (check the dropdown menu).I wonder if she is from the survey that Soom did a while ago? I bet catgirls were high on the list of requests. I forget what I asked for, but I am sure it was something bizarre like a naga or something. (I have my bjd scale caterpillar now).


  1. Everything is awesome but no kitty face option? O_o She's got everything I've been looking for but the cat face. Maybe they'll rethink, because the Puss has a cat face option.


    1. I wondered about that too! But it might be really cute to just make her a little cat mask!


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