Pancho Now Painted

Meet the Hon. Lucius Grenville, who does not have his own shirt or hair yet, but at least he has a face and some homemade eyes. I'm going to see if I can find the shirt that I have cut out in a bag somewhere and finish it up for him so he will have something on top. FunnyLori will be sending him a couple of his own white wigs, since the one he has on is borrowed as well. I still need to trim his eyelashes. I'm kind of surprised that he looks like I hoped he would, since the store photo of him looks so different. These guys are chameleons!

I did do some other things today--I cleaned the bedroom, hung new curtains, and cleaned Stripey's climber, which now smells "funny" to her:

I also put in another pair of homemade eyes into Gemma, and discovered this adorable mess of a wig, that needs recurling, or something. I like that color on her!