Magnolias in 2015

For a few days every year, the messy, sagging, door-blocking magnolia earns it's place in the yard. (It also seemed to have baby woodpeckers in it earlier this Spring). It's supposed to rain hard tomorrow so this is probably the peak, and by Monday I will be sweeping up wet, sticky petals. (but the local squirrels and rabbits like the petals, too).


  1. I have tried again and again to get the seeds from the ones on my old campus to sprout. Any chance in heck some of yours might sprout here? I LOVE the pink ones after seeing them in Japan.


    1. You know I get a million seeds every year and not one will sprout--but at some point if you want one of your own and your car is up again, Monrovia Nursery probably has a little one with your name on it, and suitable to an arid climate!


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