Iplehouse Clothes on Granado Guys

That is a NYID shirt (on sale) from Iplehouse on a Granado Lads body. It's a perfect fit on the Lads, I don't think it would go over the Nuevo shoulders. It might fit the 68cm old body. I haven't tried it because ever since I put it on Grenville, it hasn't come off. :D

I also bought a few other things at the same time, since the sale had a lot of useful things--I bought one of the EID stretch long sleeve T shirts because they fit everyone (they are very stretchy), and a pair of boots that are mid-calf and might fit over the Granado legs. At the moment they are on Admiral Pickering's Resinsoul Long feet, and they fit very well, so I haven't tried them on the 68 Granado body yet. The most expensive thing I bought was a "boat coat" out of wool--it's SID size and huge, but it fits my Mecha Angel Elf fine. Then there were these shoes, which if I had realized how great they looked and fit on the Granado feet, I would have bought two more pairs. Here's Coppersmith in the shoes:

Everything was beautifully made, too.