Pancho Arrives

As a blank sculpt he is extremely dignified and aristocratic; he's got some loaner clothes, but like everyone else he needs something that is just his. On the little note that Crocus Lee sent out with the certificates (I suspect Ikaru actually writes these, as she is fluent in English) there was the question "how many Granados do you have?" And I am embarassed to say I had to think a minute. So I rounded them up and took a photo, which took a while because I had to find wigs. Neither Cecilia (the Katrien standing in the back) nor Ereshkigal (the Granado Gabe seated on the right) look quite ready for photos, I think the cat may have sniffed their heads when I wasn't looking.

Mr. Lion Dog is actually Terra, I just haven't switched his own head back on yet.