Sunday, April 19, 2015

Eyes for Chalyss

Once more the eyeball factory is open and I am pumping out hilariously mismatched eyes, this time for Chalyss. I'll be sending her 20+ pair of goofball eyes for her to keep--some of them look fine if you rotate them enough they look the same, and as J said, "not much of the white will show". I bought some expensive clear liquid Fimo to do the corneas that I am not too impressed with so far--you cook it to cure it, which when it's done it looks exactly like Liquitex Polymer medium that has just air dried, but with more bubbles and less transparency, and still floppy, not hard. I used it on several pairs of eyes and it only came out somewhat good on one pair, the big 15mm blue ones in the box. I need to find something that dries (or cooks up hard) and clear, not flexi. In the meantime I was able to pry off the bubbly stuff off the worst of the eyes, and redid them with the Liquitex varnish. I'm starting to switch out some of my doll eyes to my own eyes, just because I can get the color and fit I want, even if there is weirdness going on if you look closely. I'd like to eventually get everyone with clothes and wigs made 80% by me, and shoes.Here's some eyes still being worked on:

haha nailed it!

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