Thursday, April 30, 2015

Granado Discontinues Their Current Older Bodies

Here's the Lads body, which will continue to be available. And here is the Notice:

After 4 Years, 64cm, 68cm and Nuevo Male Bodies will be retired.

we will no longer provide 64cm, 68cm and Nuevo Male Bodies after 3rd June, 2015.

Also, the replacement service of 64cm, 68cm and Nuevo Male Bodies' parts, will be discontinued after 3rd June, 2016.

We promise we will provide better male doll bodies in the future.

And please look forward to our new dolls!

Thank you very much!

The next three days you can still grab one of the older bodies-I think I am ok for now since I have everyone I wanted, and I suspect the new body will be pretty great too, whatever form it takes.

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