Clothes from Dorset

I received a box from Australia today! I bought something fancy from Kawaiimon, a hand-embroidered, fully lined corset set with a burnout velvet skirt, and a few other things for Tilly and Jack. I understimated the size of Tilly's rear end, though the omake Mon sent fits her and looks pretty cute. I need to properly measure Tilly and make something that fits her closer.

Here is a close-up of Ereshkigal's corset (the boa was knitted by Girrl):

And here are the kids, pants for Jack and a shirt and pants for Tilly:

Dorset is one of the few places you can get clothes that fit Super Gem girls, and Mon is super nice to work with!


  1. That corset is gorgeous, perfect purchase for your girl ^^ The casual clothing looks great as well. Kawaiimon makes really pretty clothes ♥

    1. Thank you so much! It's beautifully made--and I love corsets :D


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