Faceups Are Hard

Especially when Stripey gives me a present while I am trying to do one. (yes, it's very much alive).


  1. What do you want to bet that's the same snake over and over? Put a dab of paint on him somewhere and see?


    1. They were different sizes--this one is "the tiny one." The middle sized one had a cut near his/her tail, and the big one I used a dowel to nudge it into a box while Stripey moaned and complained that I was removing her toy. It was heavy.

    2. GAH, tiny?

      I'm not sure, but I think they want the things they hunt down canned; you know, like marlin and tuna sportsmen? We've had cats that were like, "I say, monkey, could you saute this with some mushrooms, a pinch of garlic and a light but tasty wine?"

      Tama loves to abuse the heck out of paper grocery bags and then bring me pieces of them. I have no idea of what I'm supposed to do with them, because after he charges in to the room and deposits them, and gives me a significant look', he runs off.


    3. That is so cute! I think he just wants you to know it's a special present he made himself. My cat has no idea that you can eat anything except something that comes out of a can or a bag, or the occasional fly or clump of grass. Everything is just a wiggly toy.


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