Bookbinding Tutorial by James Darrow

This is just the start of it, the full tutorial is on his Deviant Art gallery

It looks like a great way to make sketchbooks or tiny prop books for dolls!

And not at all related to books, there is the Worlds Most Adorable Easter Egg Hunt over at Sherimi's Grande Masquerade blog, with those little Neemos holding the eggs. :D


  1. That seems like a great tutorial! I think I've seen a similar one before, but of course I've lost the link >3< I've been wanting to try out making some books for my dolls some time, so I'm sure this tutorial will be helpful!

    Awww and I happened to notice your mention about my blog, that's so sweet of you ;3; ♥

    1. Your Neemos are so cute--I am sure they would like some books, too!<3


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