Backyard Birds

Sometime last year one of my neighbors got chickens. My neighbor across the street has kept chickens for ages (we use to worry our gray cat would go over there and try to catch them), but the ones behind us are new. I've thought about getting some chickens, but if you want to keep them here you really need a largish dog, as there are coyotes and they can, and do, snatch unattended chickens. The pet dogs at least discourage the coyotes. So I have to enjoy these guys second-hand. I love the noises they make. The other birds we have now, besides a million robins and woodpeckers, are cardinals:

This one was trying to figure out what the camera was.

The other indoor birds, (besides Bird the Soom Tremo,) are Polly the Harpy, who needs clothes, and angel Gideon, who now has a robe and jointed hands, but needs his wings rigged up: