I am embarassed to say I actually forgot about this little lady--she is a JID, an Iplehouse Leona. I had ordered her some time ago and then got busy with other things and then boom, there she was at my doorstep. She is supposed to replace my Resinsoul Mei but I just have..somehow neglected to actually sell Miss Mei. And now that Matilda (Tilly) is here, I am really unmotivated to sell anyone else. Here's Tilly's face peeking out from her face protector:

I'm keeping the eyes Iplehouse sent--they are once more exactly what I wanted. I think so far I have only taken out Bex's eyes and replaced them, otherwise everyone is still in their original little inexpensive eyes that Iplehouse selected.

Tilly is MSD sized, and meant to be a friend for Toto and Jack, though I need to get Toto on his own body so Jack can have his back again. I'd like to make Toto some kind of anthro soft body so he's more doglike. Here's Tilly looking a bit like Wednesday Addams in some borrowed clothes:

So more sewing is coming up. :D


  1. She actually has a smile! I've always liked how the Iplehouse line has kept a family look to their dolls. She so needs a Wednesday wig.
    By the way now I don't feel so bad about forgetting some of the things I have been lately. Ouch! You'd better sew her up something extra nice for that one. ^_^

    1. I think she looks like Mars little sister and Colin's cousin--the smile is what got me! I'm trying to decide if she needs tiny overalls or a little denim skirt set in pale blue (guess who has old jeans to recycle ;)

    2. If you're as badly 'resined' as I am, you buy your jeans based on how they were wear down into doll fabric, LOL!


    3. I'd love to get ones that never wear out, but I wear through the fronts of the thighs and the knees, probably from gardening. The thin ones are the most fun to sew with afterwards!


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