Soom Wolf the Cat at Home

His confusing name comes from his first release, where he was "The Wolf" in Red Riding Hood, and Red was the stabby rabbit. In this release he has little cat ears, which are very cute-- but a bit perplexing as Wolf does not have magnet pockets in his head.

(Wolf "H" is Wolf Human). The fantasy version of him had furry ears, as I recall. Anyway, he came yesterday, and I spent the day putting him together. Obligatory "stuff in the box" shot:

A small peek at the "cat hands":

I didn't put them on because he already had the wrist balls on for the default hands, and I was lazy, AND the cat hands need to be blushed first. I like them a lot because they go so well into sleeves! As I unwrapped all the parts, I noticed that the "toe-up feet" looked larger than the default feet, and I was a little worried that they would not fit on the 2012 body that I ordered, so I tried one on:

They fit fine! I did not order the resin shoes that Soom made to go with them, because I wanted to make him 17th century heeled court shoes, rather than pointy toed pumps. Out of curiosity I dug out a Wamami shoe (these shoes are resold under the brand of a lot of other doll factories, like Classy Doll, etc.) They are bigger than Soom female shoes and smaller than Iplehouse shoes, and fit Impldoll girls and Granado boy heel feets. Alas, the Toe-Up foot is too wide for the Wamami toes:

It looks like it will need to be custom shoes for his heel feet. They are so pretty, though! Here's his head unpainted--it's hard to see his features--they look like "fairy" type features, with a long pointed nose and chin, but he has a little smile in person:

3/4 view:

I also got his default eyes, though I ended up using some gold ones from Candy Kitten's Emporium:
(There is a cat hair on one, it was the first thing that happened once I took them out of the package)

And here he is, cat approved :D I am waiting for the magnets in his ears to dry before I put them on, I think I will put the second magnet set under his wig rather than glue them inside his head. His faceup is just a place holder until I get around to sending him out to be professionally painted.