Soom Hyperion Michael

Remember the Idealian Lucifer that Soom released a few weeks ago? Now they have switched him up as Michael, and added some choices in styling for the Lucifer version, and some cool clothes. Here is the Red version of Lucifer:

Also, Michael has some angelic katana ( Hwandu-daedo swords)that are surprisingly affordable, and available separately (you need to order within the order period, though). Here they are on Michael:

His clothes are available too, as a set, though you have to order the boots separately :p

They have "Prayer hands" for him that look like they double as "sword hands"--if you get the swords you should probably get the hands.

I like this whole Light/dark idea, and all the accessories look great. The only question I have is..where are the wings? (Though you can get similar if cheaper ones at the Spirit of Halloween, they are the same scale, if not quite as nice.)