Monday, August 21, 2017

Iplehouse Auction Eric and Iplehouse Auction Yui

There is a new auction set up on Iplehouse's Main Page, There is a really nice Yui with Raffine's engraved body and she starts at 460.00. Also there is a nice JID Asa--I never really liked that size because of the hands, but this girl has the option hands that are Violet's more adult hands from the Addiction Series. She opens at 250.00--she has some casting spots and a slightly mismatched right arm, but for the price she is a great deal.
Then there is this hottie:

I believe he starts at 530.00USD. I really like the light brown--it's expensive in Doll Choice but it photographs so well and makes the sculpts really stand out.

There is also a cute BID Bono-- but as it's not a size I care for I will make you look yourself :D She is about the same price as the Asa, so I say go big. 

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