Iplehouse Carina on a Impldoll Muscle Body

It's a pretty good fit--of course I have an NS Carina and a WS Impldoll Muscle body, but you can at least see the proportions. For myself, I would put a small spacer at the top of the neck--maybe a circle of cardboard, just something to lift her up another half-centimeter or so. Here is the full view, no wig:

And with a wig:

In person her head isn't quite as large--the macro lens I use tends to make everyone a little bobble-headed, but having her head up a little will help too. Here is the body's proper owner, an Impldoll Azalea:

Her head sits a little higher on the neck and I think looks better. Here is the full view:

She has a broken finger here, but I have new hands for her from Alices Collections (jointy hands) so the finger problem will be solved. I like this body a lot, it would be perfect for a Wonder Woman--though if I was going to hybrid for that I would probably take a Iplehouse Stella head instead--Stella's head is a bit closer to Azalea's in size and shape.

 Resin matching is tricky for Impldolls sometimes-- but they will cast to order and it may be they have the NS Iplehouse resin colors on file.