More Butterflies

I was cleaning out the bird bath when I saw the butterflies were back on the buddleia, and they were on there long enough I was able to get my camera! I also have had a busy couple of days cleaning and selling dolls--I sold my Doria head and I have a few others that will go to pay for ...Jeline, Lelahel's LMOD Beryl. I just couldn't bear to see her on the Marketplace so long!


  1. oh good, I'm glad it's sold. don't need another doria head :P beryl is gorgeous! gratz!
    your butterfly photos are très awesome! once in a while I run into them in the city, but don't recall any this year. glad to know they're still out there.

    1. I've actually seen a lot more monarchs this year-I think if people let weeds grow in vacant lots and didn't spray pesticides, we'd get a lot more butterflies and bees too. (And save money). LOL about Doria--she sold very quickly, I was surprised. Thank you too!


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