New Basics at Iplehouse: SID Mari and EID Lahela

Both Mari and Lahela started out as "Elemental Guardians" and have been available only through Doll Choice--I think they were so popular (I see a lot of Maris) that Iplehouse essentially is offering them at a 50.00 discount by putting them into the Basic category. They rotate and retire things so now might be a good time if you have had one of these girls on your wishlist. I'm not crazy about Mari's pale pink lips, but lips are easy to tint, or you can just get her blank. (Iplehouse does faceups that look like their photos but maybe even a little nicer). Turnaround right now is fast. I'd love a Rebecca (also now a Basic) but I haven't saved enough yet to buy her--I keep getting stuff from Home Depot.
Here is Mari:

You can see photos on Iplehouse's Flickr, too!
Lahela is beautiful, but when she was here she looked upon me with scorn, so away she went again.