Wonder Woman

I'm not normally a collector of movie stuff, but I liked how articulated this Wonder Woman was. She came from Target and is one of a set of four, I dithered for a while about the other version that has a long dark cloak, but I couldn't see if it came off, and it would have interfered with posing. This version looked more posable and she had a better face than the larger version. The small and larger versions are close in price, but the faceup on the bigger size was unfortunate. The Barbie versions have sort of bobble heads. Since it's an action figure, I refuse to keep them in the box or even keep the box. The heck with that. So out she came, and she has a nice sword and a Lariat of Truth or whatever the actual name of it is. You can only put her sword in her left hand at the moment, because of the curl of her fingers, and it's a squeeze to get the rope in the right hand, but doable. She is fun to pose:

There is just one problem--the rubber skirt, while flexible, was keeping her from sitting, so I unceremoniously snipped it open with scissors. I need to take an Exacto and trim it a bit more.
Sort of sitting here:

You can't see it here but she has a long "serious business" braid down her back. So she is really fun, and there is just one problem. She came with Aries' butt:

It's beautifully articulated and painted-- and to get the rest of him I'd have to buy the other 4 characters, which I have no need of, but I can't quite bring myself to toss this, since it works really well. Maybe I should make my own replacement parts?


  1. very nice articulation! out of curiosity I looked up put together ares on ebay - he's cool with the details. not sure how I feel about this mktg technique though. you should finish him with your own parts! :D

    PS: albino robin is amazing!

    1. Apparently it's common with that size...just a way to keep you coming back, I guess :D
      The robin was crazy! Who knew there were albino robins?

  2. so I looked up albino robin - seems you had a super rare visitor :) https://www.learner.org/jnorth/tm/robin/AlbinoRobins.html
    sadly, according to another article, their white coat makes them easy prey. :(

    1. I can imagine--he or she really stood out against the green foliage!


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