Auction Iplehouse Grace, and Souldoll Hae-Bin

She's light brown, she has some casting spots in the brown, but she is at the starting bid quite a bit cheaper than the "Doll Choice" version of herself. She is the standard SID size. There is the usual rack of four dolls up on the front page if you want to check them out; I just happen to like Grace here.

I also checked on Souldoll--they are discontinuing some dolls, so if you have a wishlist it would be a good idea to go check their front page; you can order until the 31st (Korean time, so in the US that means "tomorrow") As well as discontinuing some people, Souldoll has added a few more. Here is a new Zenith doll that looks like a real person to me:

Isn't Hae-Bin pretty? She has such a good faceup, too.