Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Random Tuesday Stuff in My Yard

I got nuthin' for today since I spent a lot of it on my stomach, with a new box of grout and a spatula, fixing seams on tile. It looks better today but I know how to make the next one better--the grout needs to have the consistency of frosting. Anyway, I also got the tread edge reinstalled to protect the upper part of the tile boards:

Next will be some sash molding, a thin wooden slat about an inch and 1/8 tall that will run across the base of the tile, to hide the grout edge and screws.

 Here is a little bit of what is blooming outside:

Buddleia! There are butterflies that visit, but the tens of birds zooming around make them nervous, so it's hard to get a good photo. We did have a hummingbird!

And we finally have tomatoes. I need to remember there is no use in planting them until Mid-June, because before then they just sulk and do nothing. They are tasty :D


  1. You're making so much progress! Keeping busy, huh?

    1. It seems really slow but I have to do other stuff as well--housework eats up a lot of time :o

  2. Your floor turned out beautifully. And yo have red tomatoes. Our tomatoes are staying green - just read that it may be too hot for them and we have been in the 90's. But we do have Cucumbers. :)

    1. My tomatoes love it hot, but hot for us is mid-80s. I think tomatoes are just drama queens. (Wah it's too cloudy! Its too wet! It's too dry!).
      The cherry tomatoes seem less fussy.


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