Jeline and a Cat

Look at this cute cat Jo sent me! She said it was from Eve Studio, a little 3d printed cat, fully articulated. Jo also sent me a LOT of wool roving which will be so much fun to play with.

And Jeline is here from France! I am so happy to have her here, and no longer all sad on the Den of Angels Marketplace:

(With brown eyes.) Jeline is the Love me or Die version of Beryl. Cat sent me a link so you can see the "human version" of Beryl, actress Devon Aoki:

I think I will make Jeline clothes in this sort of pretty "mori" style--I have so much soft florals now in my stash that there is a lot to choose from. Here is Jeline in purple eyes--I need to order some 14mm Soom soft brown ones because I know those fit perfectly--these glass ones are a bit small:


  1. She's so beautiful!! Congratulations Fishie!!

    1. Thank you! I have had a lot of fun with her today, instead of doing real work :D


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