Twigling Ingenue For Sale

Lelahel is selling her Twigling/Nanyalin Ingenue; I just finished purchasing a Soom LMOD from her and Lelahel is really delightful to work with. Her Ingenue is fairly new, purchased at LDoll in 2014. If you have been interested in one of Twigling's girls, here is a good way to get one without the months-long wait, and if you are in the EU, Miss Ingenue can come to you without punishing customs fees. Here is the listing--you need to be a Den of Angels member to see it.

And for no reason, some random Jeline photos:

Trying out a blonde wig..."I don't think so?"

Back to brunette:

"What does this do?"

LOL nothing you, it's just decorative! <3


  1. "like you, it's just decorative!"
    thanks for the lol! :D very lovely decoration. :)

    1. I wish they could hold jobs--they would have a lot more clothes and props :D And thank you!


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