Sunday, August 13, 2017

Random Sunday Photos

Here is Ginger Tom with his cat ears, applied by putting the magnets under his wig--it works very well! We were out most of yesterday so I missed posting--I usually try to take Sunday off, but I had some nice pix of Akutenshi's girls I wanted to share today. Here's her Peach Spirit Alina fullset--it just so pretty--Alina is more or less Mini Gem size/msd sized, with very beautiful, delicate hands:

That design on her forehead must have been painted with mouse whiskers!

And here is Doctor Cameo, A marvelously jaded steampunk airship's doctor, (with the other set of ears we ordered from Soom, which match her hair perfectly). She is a Luts Senior Delf Chloe

Akutenshi also made a little habitat for Coppersmith in the corner of the refurbished studio:

And J made a pear tart for us for dessert. We had a lot of fun :D

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