Sunday, November 25, 2012

At the Strip Club

(The picture is sort of unrelated, it was a test Poser render of one of Laura's characters from 2007)

Anyway, K was getting off work on Friday night, when her co-worker Angela asked if K would go with her "to see her boyfriend Kenny play in a club, because she didn't want to go by herself." And K said yes, even though Angela admitted that Kenny's band "was the a strip club." So off they went, and K was delighted to get in free, along with Angela, because they were "with the band" and K even got a plate of "surprisingly good" french fries (for free) to eat while they went upstairs to the stage area. Kenny, who has a real job and a Master's degree from Oxford in Greek philosophy, did his gig; and then of course everyone decided they had to go downstairs and check out the show. K said that it was not very busy, and the other clientele were "creepsters", but that the girls did "some amazing ninja moves", so that was fun. Amusingly, the waitress came to get their bar order, they ordered "rum and cokes", and the waitress returned with just cokes. No one really minded, though then one of the girls came over, Kenny's bandmate gave her a dollar, and she said "thank you" and left. So once the cokes were gone, everyone left and went on to have dinner in a Mexican restaurant in Fishtown.

Photo of Kenny and Angela provided by K. K says Kenny does not like this photo, as it makes him look tired, but if I worked all week and then played a gig and now it's one AM in a Mexican restaurant, I would look tired too.


  1. That is an awesome picture! *__* I love the ankle-things on her legs.

  2. Thank you! I love Aery Soul's models, even though they seem to think "pants" are unimportant!


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