Friday, November 30, 2012

Pinkie (2813)

I'm still learning Poser Pro, and part of that is adding content to the "Libraries". Poser Pro is complex enough it has it's own internal browser to find your 3d stuff on your hard drive, and between the two of us we can almost find everything. I'm having to reload a lot of things by hand, partly because of the way they were sold originally. Hint--if you are making add-on software, don't assume that the parent software is always going to be called "Poser". I had to make a fake "poser" .exe and folders to get a lot of my older Daz files to work, and then manually move all kinds of little files, because of course I am now working off of "PoserPro.exe." Here is Pinky (aka Pixeluna's Ruffa) and her Hello Kitty breathing mask, a present from Laura.

And here is what she looks like to the computer (it knows where each of the corners of the polygons are in 3d (there is a number for each on a x, y and z axis, and the computer what they look like, how transparent, shiny, glowing, or rough from the "texture maps".

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