Package Delivery

In the interest of fairness, my USPS guy is the best ever--he actually carried packages up the hill and up the 15 steps to get to my door. My tax dollars are well spent.


  1. Yep - that's the truth, at least in the US.
    In Germany it's: When you have all packets in your truck take your block with "I missed you" notifications and fill out at least 50 notes.
    Now drive to the streets where you have to deliver packages and put them into the postboxes of the first 50 recipients. Alternativly, when you reach a house with more than one doorbell put the note in ANY postbox, lay it on the uppermost stair in front of the door or use some scoth tape and attach it anywhere to the wall. least this is what happended to me over the years.

  2. LOL!!! Delivery is an adventure no matter where you are!

  3. Ahaha! This is so true, for UPS and FedEx at least! USPS seems to do pretty well, though I'm not too pleased by my new postman. I miss my old postman. There is nothing on this earth that could ruffle that man, including the various states of undress that he always seemed to find me in. >.> Not my fault his usual delivery time is also my getting-ready-for-work time!

  4. I think postpeeps have seen *everything*!


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