Glitter on Every Page

This is my calendar for next year, which I bought partly because it does indeed have glitter on every page..the floor at Barnes and Noble underneath the calendar display was very sparkly. And I also found Bilbo Baggins' calendar online. It's not too different from mine, but his handwriting is better. And why don't all calendars read vertically instead of horizontally?

In other news, I got a little holiday surprise in the form of a Or-doll Little-Y; which according to the or-doll website, can either be a boy or a girl. And I say nonsense, that is the cutest little elf doll girl I have ever seen. Though she needs a body, clothes, a wig and maybe some eyelashes, too.


  1. All calendars should have glitter.

    Wait, make that _everything_ is better with glitter. :)

  2. A couple of weeks ago I sat next to a coke refining expert at a company Christmas dinner--a very dignified man...except that he had glitter on his nose.:D There are a *few* times when you might not want glitter.


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