Black Friday

Well, not really--even if it is the "biggest shopping day of the year" where the account books of stores across the US go from "in the red" to "in the black", J and I are staying home today, except perhaps a trip to the post office to mail some letters. K was going to not shop, but she was coming back from Jersey on the train (with a pie from yesterday's festivities, a change of clothes, and a coat) and passed "the ghetto shoe store and they had everything 27% off", so she went in, pie and all, and tried on some shoes. They weren't super busy and they were very helpful, and K needs a big size, so she was delighted to buy 2 pairs of shoes.

K did say that "suburbanites were wandering around Center City like newborns", forgetting that as a child suburbanite, K (and us) would go over to Philly just to look at the Christmas decorations and shop at the Reading Terminal Market, so we could get our Amish duck or ham for Christmas, and home-made candy.

And finally, a photo from yesterday's happy Thanksgiving here:


  1. Fish, I have printed off the last two photos of your cat - so very funny. The one sitting on the bench both Rob and I love!
    I found a movie that Rob took last summer of Zoey. Zoey disliked her photo or movies being taken of her, so Rob grabbed his cell and filmed away. haveI posted it on my flickr and just keep pulling it up and watching it. I so miss her. So WE really enjoy your feline photos. Jo

  2. Aren't you glad you took photos! I sometimes find ones of our old cats and it's nice to "see" them again! Stripey is getting as fussy about getting her catnip as I am about coffee, too. :D

  3. Those are _awesome_ shoes!

  4. Spikey!!! Great for crowd control.


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