Happy Camille Wig

A while back I ordered two wigs from Happy Camille, through a group order with Shelly on Den of Angels (I think her business of eyes is under Ersa Flora), and they came safely last week. (Shelly is a lot of fun to order with, too). This wig is (I think) called Phoenix and is the perfect color for Bird, though it needs a few additional wefts added on the crown (which I will do later) and some Very Careful Trimming of the fringe so his eyes will show. The fiber is a little stiffer than the Kanalon that Jpop uses, but it's still very nice--it's a lot like a CoolCat wig. I bought a size nine and it fits perfectly, which makes me think Happy Camille sizes run a little small. I also bought Bubbles (a Soom Cass) a wig, which I will try later today on her.

He's a bit untidy because it came straight out of the bag onto his head.


  1. Those colors look stunning with his skin tone! And boy do those eyes pop! <3 May I request some pictures? I would love to see what you've done with the AOD Qi I sold to you :) Or some more Cuprit pics would be lovely!

  2. Cuprit coming up! And I need to find Miss Peony (the Qi's) wig--she got very well wrapped for moving but the wigs ended up in a dozen different shoeboxes. And thank you too! <3


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