Herr Zog's Tan Beryl

A tan Beryl...I had a Special Order Beryl but I was able to get such an advantageous trade for her I let her go, and then Soom did a Tan version..sigh. I figure some day I will have money (and space, which is an issue right now) to look for one on the secondary market. In the meantime Herr Zog has painted this gorgeous lady with a look that reminds me of Spanish Lace. She has a whole pile of heads to paint, it made me laugh to read that she "needs to find the TURBO button in her head". I could use one of those too. :D

Here is the link to her flickr: (new flower photos too)

Herr Zog's Flickr

Also, she has painted a Feeple Chloe, which I will make you go look at instead of lifting the photo:


I am not really a fan of that sculpt, but suddenly Herr Zog has made her look charming instead of silly, showing how important a good face-up can be!