Red Giant and a Black Hole

I think this black hole is where the time goes. I spent the last two days doing 2 things--watching a Pirates of the Caribbean sequel, and learning how Windows 7 works on my new cheapo desktop. (The answer: not that well). I admit I was able to get online a thousand times easier than before, but the clipboard is not working well*, and to delete a file takes an act of Congress. On the other hand the monitor is the size of my car's windshield.

* And no, I have not installed a memory manager or performance booster, I don't have Skype, and I am not "sending things to Bluetooth" in Office. I have not looked in regedit to see if Adobe Flash has added a null character to my Zone List, because I didn't want to start my relationship with this computer by digging in the registry as the first official act. But it may come to that.


Ok, I fixed it, but this solution may not be for you--I paid 130.00 to MSoft and got a registry key for the Microsoft Office already pre-loaded on the computer, which magically fixed the clipboard problem. Hmmm. well. It works so I guess I should not complain.