Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bats and Rabbits

I just finished a commission, so I thought I would take a day off and put together the Migma bat wings. The bowl was the perfect place to let them dry; I'll cook the apples later. Here's the way the wings came from Soom, though you can see I put the magnets in the back anchors already:

Here is also a video showing an artist/technician prepping a little bat and his wings for a skeletal exhibit. The delicacy and artistry needed to do this amazed me. The video is not for the squeamish--the bat jar in the beginning looks like something I have in my own fridge, and the technician has to deal with the bat just like you would to debone a chicken; though the final cleaning stage is done with beetles. (The beetles seem to ignore living flesh, as the tech reaches in to retrieve the bones with no hesitation at all). The video is 4:35 with no narration (and no ads).

And in natural history at my house, I went downstairs to do laundry last night and both cats were in the basement, a bad sign. Instead of a mouse, there was a..rabbit.

Luckily for the rabbit, there was a laundry hamper right there I could push him into...

... close the lid, and take him back upstairs to dump him on the front lawn, where he could get a good head start from the cats. I have no idea how the gray cat got the rabbit through the cat door in the first place!

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