No Nice Things

I tell my cats that it is their fault that my furniture looks like it came from a garage sale..though it's actually because a) I am cheap, and b) it is the cat's furniture too, since they live here. Also I tend to redecorate with a crowbar, (our ongoing excuse is that we are "renovating"), and J prefers to have his possessions out where he can see them, so he can find them. This is a problem when, like yesterday, the gray cat brings in a dead mouse and proceeds to toss it around the room, like a tiny football. I eventually had to go find the "vermin tongs," retrieve the mouse out of one of J's shoes, and put the mouse back outside. We do now have a real cat door, instead of plastic taped over a window,(the "deck" part is outside as well):

Stripey Cat now insists on having her catnip at the kitchen table though, like a person with coffee.

I have to remember to brush off my clothes after I eat at the table.