Boy Amber

Well, it was a mistake to go look at the Soom site for instructions, because they have a new Legend doll out--and perhaps because they were teased about Bastet's name,(and maybe because Ignim was hard to remember,) they have hyphenated this new doll's name to be Benmore-Cernnunos. It does sound a little like a major (pagan) appliance company, but at the same time the doll is neat--it is a recast of Amber's head (actually, it's not, as I found out later) (so it is a little small on the body, but not ridiculously so) on the new male body, with a update of the very stable Chalco hooves. (it's a new sculpt of hooves, and magnificent!) I'm looking at this, thinking if I bought it, (I bought it) I could use the body for my rolling Sphaler head (which I know fits on the new bodies) and take the Amber head for one of my girl bodies. Thrifty! I will give you a link to the less expensive kit form, though you should look at both before you buy the fullset or the kit form. Order period is Nov 16th, 2012 to Dec 14th, 2012.:

Updated 6/28/2013