Joy's Tardis Refrigerator

You may have already seen this--Joy writes that the photo has "gone viral" and of course it should; is there anything cooler than a Dr. Who fridge? And if you visit her blog, you can see the small print as well on the ice maker.

I still love Joy's glass cupcakes :D


  1. Joy sells them now! I think they are vinyl overlays and there is some other stuff like a sound effect thing and a light.

  2. OH MY GODOKA I KNEW YOU LIKED BJDS BUT DR WHO, TOO?! You are now my favorite blog. (Nyooms off to bedroom fangirling)

    1. ROFL I love Dr. Who but with one thing and another I am way behind--Tom Baker was the last Doctor that I saw ALL the episodes of, so I have some catching up to do.


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