Artificial Angels: Fusilli

I looked at this photo and I knew I would like this person. They (since I have no idea if the tumblr owner is a male, a female or a cat, though obviously with opposable thumbs) are making an anthro bjd named Fusilli in the bathroom. They also like Star Trek, cats, and Batchix. (Batchix also makes small msd sized bjds, most notably a cyborg called the Batchix Machina.) (I have always kind of wanted a Machina, though they need no clothes so my ancient excuse of "I buy them to make tiny period costumes" is pretty much dead.) Anyway, here is the link:

Also, this person has a "BeYours, Pinellia Tuber" which is my favorite doll name of all time. Glyndarling notes that Pinellia is "Tax Refund Doll 2013." :D